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Energy Efficient Infrared Heating


Infrared waves are part of the natural light spectrum from the sun, without skin-damaging ultraviolet radiation. NASA and other space agencies have utilized infrared heating technology for a while but it has now entered the domestic and smart energy market and revolutionised the way we heat our environment.

As an added bonus infrared heating has also proved beneficial in rejuvenating health.

Conventional heating is inefficient because it only heats the air around you, which then rises in layers and disappears when you open the door and feel the warm air rush away.

Infra red heating on the other hand works on the same principle as the sun, heating the objects the light touches rather than heating the air.

Solamagic Cobination Heater

LouvreTec Adelaide supply and install Solamagic heaters in two forms. The first is through new radiator technology and the second is through ceramic Heat Squares. In both these there is no noise, dust or vibration: only healthy radiant heat.

Both products are imported from Germany and have proven to be very popular in Europe.

The thermal image shows a temperature profile from a Solamagic Heater compared with an image from a common gas patio heater. You can clearly see the highly efficient and environmentally friendly way in which Solamagic infrared heating technology works.

Infraed vs Gas

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