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Masterspec DISCLAIMER - Read me first

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These specs are for a non specific design house. If you have a specific design house please call our Design Centre.

Masterspec and Louvretec have written these specifications. Masterspec is a NZ company however these Technical specifications are a guide for Australian architects as they take their projects through the consent process and they contain AS/NZ S.

By using the attached section you agree to the following:
The attached has been prepared by Construction Information Ltd in conjunction with Louvretec. The use of this section is subject to the following:
- Users of this attached section shall rely solely on their own professional judgement and skill in determining the appropriateness of using or referring to this section and to satisfy themselves as to the accuracy of the data it contains.
- Users acknowledge that neither Construction Information Ltd nor Louvretec are in any way liable in respect of any particular use or application of the material provided.
-Masterspec is the major specification system in New Zealand’s construction industry. If you are an Australian specifier please use these technical specifications as a guide as you go through the consent process.

Thank you for choosing Louvretec. Please do not hesitate to contact our Louvretec office if you require further information.

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