Coastal Series Sliding Shutters


Louvretec Adelaide's Coastal Series Sliding Shutters is a premium range shutter system designed for Adelaide's environment, with a wide variety of applications.

Ideally used as outdoor sliders, Coastal Sliding Shutters are a great solution for closing off decks giving wind and privacy control. Sliding louvred shutter doors generally fit to the outside of a building, deck or within a prepared opening and as such have only top and bottom tracks and guides.  Alternatively for dividing off rooms or as indoor doors.

Slider Options


Custom made to meet the most demanding design and performance critera and providing you with a wide range of design options.

Top hung sliders are more commonly used and have the advantage of being held captive within the top track.
Bottom rolling sliders do not require structural fixing at the head with all the weight being on the bottom track.

Frame choices:

- Coastal 120 Top Hung Slider Frame
- Coastal 250 Top Hung Slider Frame
- Coastal 80 Bottom Rolling Slider Frame
- Coastal 200 Bottom Rolling Slider Frame


The componentry used has completed extensive corrosion reisistant testing and are constructed using 300 series stainless steell, with componentry die-cast in 316 marine grade.

Choose your Louvre Blade infill:

- 70mm Mini, 90mm Midi, 95mm Bella Vista, 150mm Midi, 125mm Louvreline, 180mm Louvreline, 120mm Louvreline, 200mm Louvreline, 150mm Flushline, 120mm Airfoil, 180mm Airfoil, 200mm Maxi.

Choose the functionality of your Louvre blade infills:

- Hand adjustable
- Fixed in place

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Features & Benefits
  • Privacy control
  • Provides shelter, wind and sun protection from summer sun and heat
  • Allows for light, shade and airflow temperature control
  • Designed to enhance the aesthetics of any building
  • Aluminium Roller carriage
  • No side frames, only top and bottom tracks
  • Louvre infills available end fixed in place or hand adjustable
  • Choice of Louvre infill sizes
  • Available in a large range of colours including powdercoat or anodised finish
  • Hidden woolpile closing strip ensures silent closing and rattle free operation
  • Design recommendations
  • In-house installers
  • Fully engineered with Louvretec warranty
  • Available nationwide
  • Louvrecare after sales service available
  • NEW! Louvretec also has the Superslider 100 and Slimline 60 Sliders available

Standard Louvretec Sliders are available as Top Hung & Bottom Rolling Sliding Doors and Windows.

Choose to make your Slider's Louvre infills hand adjustable or fixed in to place.

1.  Hand Operable Louvre Infills using the KISS Pivot System
Kiss panel

Louvretec's Kiss Pivot System makes operating our mini to mid sized louvre blades really simple.  A Drive Arm is attached to the endcaps of both sides of the louvre blades for easy operating.  Security is gained when using this system as it also features an internally operating slide-lock with a choice of five fixed locking positions. The Kiss pivot system drives the 70mm,90mm or 150mm wide Sun Louvre blades.

2.  Hand Operable Louvre Infills using the Pivot 40 system

The P40 Pivot System is compact and features an internal geared drive with all operable parts hidden. To open the blades simply place your hand on any louvre blade and tilt to open or close. Designed around a 40mm wide plateform the only louvre blade that can currently be used with this system is the rectangular 95mm wide Louvreline blade. 
Features a slide lock providing security.

3. End Fixed your Sliders Louvre infills in place
End Fixed logo

End fix your Slider's Sun Louvre infills in to place - permanently by deciding on the angle you would like and what sized sun louvre blade.  Our Installers will then fix the Sun Louvres in to the aluminium frame of your Slider.  End Fixing is available for all of the Louvretec Sun Louvres (except the Maxi Louvres).


Need to get technical? Click below to learn more:

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